Becoming an Established Actor


Trader as Richard in John Gielgud’s production of “The Lady’s Not for Burning” at the Royale Theatre in New York, 1951

It was a young Peter Finch who introduced Trader to the world of acting in 1946 and persuaded him that he had what it took to be a success. A lack of finances meant that Trader hadn’t been able to go to University so he was concentrating on becoming an established actor and with Peter Finch’s help and contacts was soon involved in the theatre and radio in Sydney. It was also at that time that Trader trained as an acrobat with Ted Ardini, spending many weeks plucking up the courage and skill to perfect a back flip that he would continue to practise until the age of seventy-two.

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The Family

Trader married in 1963 at the age of 35 after falling in love with the beautiful Ann Minchin, a professional model whom he nicknamed Bobo. They had one child, a daughter called Sasha who now lives in San Francisco with her husband Jim Boyle and their baby son Quinn William. Following their divorce, Bobo Faulkner pursued a very successful career in Australia as a writer and television personality. She now lives and works in San Francisco.


Trader and Bobo on their engagement day, 1962. The picture was taken on board the houseboat “Stella Maris” , moored in Chelsea where Trader’s mother lived for many years

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The Name that Stuck

Trader 7

Trader’s last day on Queenscliff Beach, Sydney in March 1950 before leaving for London.

The nickname Trader was established following an episode when Ronald was just seven years old. Money was tight during the 1930s and his father John helped to make ends meet by distilling whiskey which was then sold to friends in the neighborhood. He had been bottling the latest batch of his potent brew in the bathtub and had some left over, providing little Ronald with an opportunity to solve a dilemma. Continue reading